food art.

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sunsilk: thinking textiles

After a short break from sunsilk and uni work (huntin eggs, eatin eggs, getting sick from too many eggs) I am once more focussing on my tunic jumpsuit for the sunsilk fashion event. Tunic jumpsuit – it’s just such an awkward name, maybe it could be christened something else, such as Tunicsuit, or Jumptunic or … Continue reading

best ever macadamia anzac cookies

Directly following Easter is another opportunity to bake and eat something delicious – anzac cookies. This is a family hand-me-down recipe, I like to only cook em for 8-10 minutes so they stay soft in the middle and a bit bendy. Yum. INGREDIENTS 125g unsalted butter 2 tablespoons golden syrup ½ teaspoon bi-carb soda 2 … Continue reading


Easter is quite possibly my favourite time of year. I embrace all holidays that celebrate the eating of food, especially the delicious chocolate variety, and the one up on Christmas is that there isn’t really that expectation of having to give gifts as well as receive. The time honoured tradition of Easter is to hunt … Continue reading

the jumpsuit tunic

This week, each of the finalists for the Sunsilk comp had to present a mock up of their look to a panel composed of UTS staff, who were to give feedback and advice on how to produce the best look possible. At this point, I had draped and toiled the jacket for my look, which … Continue reading

ankh resortwear 2010/2011

While working on some textile ideas for the sunsilk competition I am currently devoting all my time too (ah so few hours in the day!), I was looking over my previous textile work to get motivated. Some great textile designs I did a couple of years ago were for a resortwear collection I did in … Continue reading

the sunsilk woman

Got selected as a finalist for the Sunsilk comp (woohoo) and was assigned a mentor to help me with the process of producing my look. After much discussion of ideas, I ended up tweaking my design a little, getting rid of the contrasting colour and lasercutting ideas, and going for a longer, slimmer shape for … Continue reading

sunsilk fashion event

Hello chums! This post is about an upcoming fashion EVENT (oh la la) which is a little design competition sponsored by Sunsilk and Coles. The brief for the competition was to submit a design for an avant-garde womenswear piece using colour, texture and creativity and showcasing the stylised Sunsilk ‘s’ logo as part of a … Continue reading

thinking about bodies

In concert with research for my whole stripe concept thang, I’ve also been researching theoretical stuff about the body in fashion, looking at how we understand the body through clothes and how the body is represented by fashion and dress. But before I get into that, I just want to rewind a little, and talk … Continue reading

the process

Over the past few weeks I have been in research mode, hunting and gathering all things shiny like a little bower bird hoarding a pile of treasure. You’ve seen some of the imagery I’ve been collecting in my previous posts, so today my post is about how I am going about compiling all this great … Continue reading