the process

Over the past few weeks I have been in research mode, hunting and gathering all things shiny like a little bower bird hoarding a pile of treasure. You’ve seen some of the imagery I’ve been collecting in my previous posts, so today my post is about how I am going about compiling all this great material into a research basis for design ideas. At first, I was just seeking out stripes, with little thought to how these different materials and examples related to one another, but the more stuff I got together, the easier it became, and I realised that all the bits and pieces worked together to create and describe an inspiring muse for my design direction.

This central character is effectively defined by stripe; the muse, describes and tells her story through line. This woman is strong, modern, complex and creative, perhaps slightly dark and mysterious. She is living in a contemporary world, fast past and constantly changing, growing learning. It is this modern world and way of life she strives to reflect and inhabit, a fluctuating state of being in which she must constantly re-evaluate and re-construct herself through her fashionable form.

Here is a little peek into my journal and the life of the muse:


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