thinking about bodies

In concert with research for my whole stripe concept thang, I’ve also been researching theoretical stuff about the body in fashion, looking at how we understand the body through clothes and how the body is represented by fashion and dress. But before I get into that, I just want to rewind a little, and talk about a little collection that has been inspiring and almost a driving force in my own work this year. That collection is Junya Watanabe’s Spring 2011 womenswear collection, in which he focussed largely on stripes; distorting and warping graphic lines around the body through drape and panelling in a fascinating way.


The way the stripe is used in this collection is quite innovative and exploratory. I see the stripes as graphic lines that tell a story of and around the body, lines that dissect and warp and perhaps fragment. The Margiela-esque styling of blanked out faces and shockingly bright wigs hiding the models’ features and hair also adds to this sense of alienation and separate-ness of the body.

Drawing from this interpretation of a contemporary body, I began to create my own changeable, fragmented bodies as part of my design process and collection inspiration, through blind drawing and collage.

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  1. marcuskerr says:

    I like it alot doll! very nice!

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