Easter is quite possibly my favourite time of year. I embrace all holidays that celebrate the eating of food, especially the delicious chocolate variety, and the one up on Christmas is that there isn’t really that expectation of having to give gifts as well as receive. The time honoured tradition of Easter is to hunt out the eggs left by the good bunny and eat them without remorse, whereas with Christmas you really have to at least get some gift vouchers or something to avoid becoming known as the family grinch.

Easter really is a big thing for my family. Despite the fact that the youngest of her children is now 20, my mother/easter bunny still orchestrates the greatest hunt known to mankind, with specific rules and regulations that have evolved and been perfected. The first stage of the hunt is known as the build up, beginning several weeks before the hunt, in which each contestant tries to ‘psych out’ the other contestants. At this stage, anything goes – a little teasing, joking here and there, maybe a death threat or a promise of violence… let’s just say it can get heated, and there is a lot of pressure – especially when you are a reigning egg hunt champion with a title to defend (not naming any names…). When the day approaches, contestants are on edge, they may gather outsiders such as friends and partners to join their team and bolster their confidence. As afternoon approaches, so does the hunt. The hunt begins with a creative competition – each team must ‘decorate’ their own treasure bag with easter-themed motifs, and each design must be approved before the clues are handed out and the hunt begins. (NB each contestant must also read and agree to the rules which include but are not limited to: no violence or aggressive acts, no stealing other teams’ eggs, no hiding other teams’ eggs – however, it is generally accepted that these rules may be broken if no one witnesses the act…) Each team madly races through the house and garden deciphering clues and looking for eggs, climbing ladders to look in guttering, crawling under the verandah to check behind stored stuff and spider webs, and each find reveals a fresh clue to follow. Each clue also gives the teams a letter, and the letters add up to an anagram which must be unscrambled to reveal the hiding place of the last and best egg – whoever finds theirs first wins the hunt!

This year, I was on the path to another win, when oh disastrous! My clues have been given in the wrong order causing a huge mix up – noooooo – the lead I created is abruptly overtaken and I am left to come in second, oh the shame and disappointment! There is nothing left to do but drown my sorrows in the chocolate hoard I have accumulated, but the build up has been too much – after salivating at the thought of Easter candy for a week, I don’t even feel like eating it! But I do anyway. And it is delicious.

post egg hunt...it's best to lie still until fullness subsides and feeling returns to extremities.

One Response to “easter!”
  1. amy says:

    Not surprising that you didn’t mention who won this year’s hunt! Jealousy will get you nowhere in life, dragon. I hope you know how proud a moment it was for me, especially with a semi-retarded team mate like your brother, to win such a time-honoured competition… actually, to win any competition heh.
    Reow x

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