sunsilk: thinking textiles

After a short break from sunsilk and uni work (huntin eggs, eatin eggs, getting sick from too many eggs) I am once more focussing on my tunic jumpsuit for the sunsilk fashion event. Tunic jumpsuit – it’s just such an awkward name, maybe it could be christened something else, such as Tunicsuit, or Jumptunic or simply Jumpic. Hmm epic fail so far… Well it’s really a jumpsuit pretending to be a dress… the Pretendsuit? I know, also terrible.

Name aside, I have been considering how to best apply the sunsilk logo in some kind of applique/print/embroidery trailing across the back and down the front of the tunic. I have a basic idea in mind, based on some ink designs I did and some coloured leather, from which I mocked up a small sample of what the embroidery could look like on the actual garment. I plan to have a tonal metallic or foil placement print in the background, on top of which I will applique leather cut outs, sequins, beads and embroidery thread work.

small embroidery sample

abstract embroidery sample manipulated on photoshop

Layout of metallic screenprint overlaid with applique

Stencilled logo print idea

Experimental ink works used to inspire textile design


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