art stripes

A huge source of inspiration was looking at stripes in the sphere of modern art. Op artist Bridget Riley uses stripes to create graphic paintings which warp and twist, misleading the eye and mind a creating emotion through the specific allocation of line. ‘The swelling, wavelike surfaces of her new work had replaced the sharp, … Continue reading

inspire: stripes are all around us

When first developing ideas for my final collection, I began by researching stripe and sourcing as many images of stripes of all varieties as I could find. I collected images of stripes in structural forms of architecture and the city, stripes in the natural world such as on sand dunes and animals like zebra and … Continue reading

birds of a feather

Photographs of birds in flight over the Galapagos Islands (summer 2008-2009). These photographs really capture the motion and speed of the birds as they wheel through the sky, which is something I am interested in emulating in my design work; movement of the body through time and space conveyed through drapery and directional stripe work. … Continue reading


  who’s that? who’s that tappin? who’s that tappin at ma chamber door? Mr.,  Mr. Raven – all up in ma grill like ‘nevermore’. Got side tracked today from my important tasks of fluffing around and re-arranging my stationary draw, and ended up reading Edgar Allen Poe’s poem The Raven again, such a great piece. … Continue reading

for kids who fashion good and want to learn to do other stuff good too

Well, seeing as this is my first post and all, I think an introduction is probably in order… I am Rebecca, a fashion student and fashion lover (among other things) and this is my blog; a discussion of fashion, design, creation and other good stuff such as delicious brownies. My current fashion obsession is stripes. … Continue reading