the right lines

Stripes are definitely in the air… This is an editorial from British Vogue, April 2011. Photography by Tim Walker. Advertisements

what I did at work today.

Playin with stamps.

the upside of chilly weather

It’s getting pretty chilly these days, winter is really coming on. And I don’t like it one bit! Everything seems so much harder when it is colder – so much harder to get out of bed in the morning when it is all warm and snuggly under the covers (even though I did today at … Continue reading

designing in repeat

For the past couple of weeks at uni, we have had textiles workshops doing a little refresher course on how to put designs into repeat so they can easily be printed across a whole length of fabric. The premise is pretty simple really – you just have to make sure that top and bottom edges … Continue reading

rad rubber band ball

A productive use of time at work. (It’s the size of a tennis ball).

collage art

Just a few little collages I created while working on design ideas, using a combination of sketching and collage of magazines, stickers and photographs. I think it looks quite cool to cut out a silhouette of a model from a random magazine page, giving an abstract body to the image.

Star Wars, LOLcats and that kid from the YouTube clip

Being a bit of a Sci Fi nerd, I’ve always been up for a good ‘may the force be with you’ quote or sentence scrambling alla Yoda, however, until recently I’m ashamed to say I had never seen the whole Star Wars saga in it’s entirety. Overlooking the obvious flaws in this trans-generational epic (mainly … Continue reading

a stripey story

Over the past few weeks, I have been in design overdrive, madly draping, drawing, collaging and painting out ideas (I see stripes even with my eyes closed these days). Here are a few pages of my experimentations and ideas from my journal, looking at taking abstract drapework and transforming it into a garment (or something … Continue reading

a stripey drapey jackety thing

As part of 12 looks I am currently developing (developing being the key word…), I am working on creating a flowing, draped jacket with oversized lapels, tucks and excess volume. I draped a basic version of the jacket in heavy-ish jersey, to give a structured yet soft feel to the piece. Drawing up some quick … Continue reading


Lately I have been looking at stripes in a slightly more abstract and definitely more specific way. I’ve been delving a little deeper than stripes as simple decoration and motif, and explored stripes as a medium for expressing speed and motion – like the background in Pokemon or sailor moon or any kind of manga … Continue reading