illustrating looks

Over the past couple of days, I have barely moved from my desk where I sit, shivering in the cold (despite the wearing of my snug suit and multiple blankets), attempting to nut out my designs and edit down to the most promising twelve. Hence, I have been doing a fair amount of drawing, scribbling, … Continue reading

collage art

Just a few little collages I created while working on design ideas, using a combination of sketching and collage of magazines, stickers and photographs. I think it looks quite cool to cut out a silhouette of a model from a random magazine page, giving an abstract body to the image.

a stripey story

Over the past few weeks, I have been in design overdrive, madly draping, drawing, collaging and painting out ideas (I see stripes even with my eyes closed these days). Here are a few pages of my experimentations and ideas from my journal, looking at taking abstract drapework and transforming it into a garment (or something … Continue reading

a stripey drapey jackety thing

As part of 12 looks I am currently developing (developing being the key word…), I am working on creating a flowing, draped jacket with oversized lapels, tucks and excess volume. I draped a basic version of the jacket in heavy-ish jersey, to give a structured yet soft feel to the piece. Drawing up some quick … Continue reading

colour conundrum

Over the past few weeks, I have been giving a lot of thought to colour, a huge consideration when doing a stripe colour collection, especially as I intend to use some rich and vibrant colours. I’ve been painting colour chips and dying like a mofo trying to get the exact shades I am after, however, … Continue reading

sunsilk: thinking textiles

After a short break from sunsilk and uni work (huntin eggs, eatin eggs, getting sick from too many eggs) I am once more focussing on my tunic jumpsuit for the sunsilk fashion event. Tunic jumpsuit – it’s just such an awkward name, maybe it could be christened something else, such as Tunicsuit, or Jumptunic or … Continue reading

the jumpsuit tunic

This week, each of the finalists for the Sunsilk comp had to present a mock up of their look to a panel composed of UTS staff, who were to give feedback and advice on how to produce the best look possible. At this point, I had draped and toiled the jacket for my look, which … Continue reading

the sunsilk woman

Got selected as a finalist for the Sunsilk comp (woohoo) and was assigned a mentor to help me with the process of producing my look. After much discussion of ideas, I ended up tweaking my design a little, getting rid of the contrasting colour and lasercutting ideas, and going for a longer, slimmer shape for … Continue reading

sunsilk fashion event

Hello chums! This post is about an upcoming fashion EVENT (oh la la) which is a little design competition sponsored by Sunsilk and Coles. The brief for the competition was to submit a design for an avant-garde womenswear piece using colour, texture and creativity and showcasing the stylised Sunsilk ‘s’ logo as part of a … Continue reading

thinking about bodies

In concert with research for my whole stripe concept thang, I’ve also been researching theoretical stuff about the body in fashion, looking at how we understand the body through clothes and how the body is represented by fashion and dress. But before I get into that, I just want to rewind a little, and talk … Continue reading