aisle avant garde pics

A few extra pics from Aisle Avant Garde on Tuesday. Advertisements

aisle avant garde

So, friends, today was the day! The culmination of many hours of designing, dying, sewing, glueing, embroidering and mandatory snacking, the Sunsilk and Coles fashion event – the Aisle Avant Garde! Arrived at Waterloo Coles for the event this morning to find everything already in full swing. There were 12 finalists including little old moi, … Continue reading

embroidery and leather applique

This weekend I spent a goodly amount of time stitching and glueing, creating an embroidery feature on the bodice of my tunic jumpsuit thingy for the Sunsilk competition. Turned out pretty great, I used a combination of 3 different leathers (2 shades of purple and 1 patent mauve leather) as well as metallic glass beads, … Continue reading

sunsilk: thinking textiles

After a short break from sunsilk and uni work (huntin eggs, eatin eggs, getting sick from too many eggs) I am once more focussing on my tunic jumpsuit for the sunsilk fashion event. Tunic jumpsuit – it’s just such an awkward name, maybe it could be christened something else, such as Tunicsuit, or Jumptunic or … Continue reading

the jumpsuit tunic

This week, each of the finalists for the Sunsilk comp had to present a mock up of their look to a panel composed of UTS staff, who were to give feedback and advice on how to produce the best look possible. At this point, I had draped and toiled the jacket for my look, which … Continue reading

the sunsilk woman

Got selected as a finalist for the Sunsilk comp (woohoo) and was assigned a mentor to help me with the process of producing my look. After much discussion of ideas, I ended up tweaking my design a little, getting rid of the contrasting colour and lasercutting ideas, and going for a longer, slimmer shape for … Continue reading

sunsilk fashion event

Hello chums! This post is about an upcoming fashion EVENT (oh la la) which is a little design competition sponsored by Sunsilk and Coles. The brief for the competition was to submit a design for an avant-garde womenswear piece using colour, texture and creativity and showcasing the stylised Sunsilk ‘s’ logo as part of a … Continue reading