womenswear photoshoot

I am currently in the midst of sifting through various USBs, multiple folders and files in various states of disorganisation, in an effort to select some examples of my best work to put into a digital portfolio (if I can only find these examples…). Looking through old data like this is so frustrating – I … Continue reading

the right lines

Stripes are definitely in the air… This is an editorial from British Vogue, April 2011. Photography by Tim Walker.

the upside of chilly weather

It’s getting pretty chilly these days, winter is really coming on. And I don’t like it one bit! Everything seems so much harder when it is colder – so much harder to get out of bed in the morning when it is all warm and snuggly under the covers (even though I did today at … Continue reading

aisle avant garde

So, friends, today was the day! The culmination of many hours of designing, dying, sewing, glueing, embroidering and mandatory snacking, the Sunsilk and Coles fashion event – the Aisle Avant Garde! Arrived at Waterloo Coles for the event this morning to find everything already in full swing. There were 12 finalists including little old moi, … Continue reading

illusion, movement and Marilyn Monroe

As I continue working on designing a concept based around the stripe, I find I am more and more drawn to how lines can be warped over and around the body and through fabric to create a sense of movement and flow, creating directions and drawing the eye around and into a garment. Sometimes, this … Continue reading

ankh resortwear 2010/2011

While working on some textile ideas for the sunsilk competition I am currently devoting all my time too (ah so few hours in the day!), I was looking over my previous textile work to get motivated. Some great textile designs I did a couple of years ago were for a resortwear collection I did in … Continue reading

birds of a feather

Photographs of birds in flight over the Galapagos Islands (summer 2008-2009). These photographs really capture the motion and speed of the birds as they wheel through the sky, which is something I am interested in emulating in my design work; movement of the body through time and space conveyed through drapery and directional stripe work. … Continue reading