womenswear photoshoot

I am currently in the midst of sifting through various USBs, multiple folders and files in various states of disorganisation, in an effort to select some examples of my best work to put into a digital portfolio (if I can only find these examples…). Looking through old data like this is so frustrating – I … Continue reading

a stripey story

Over the past few weeks, I have been in design overdrive, madly draping, drawing, collaging and painting out ideas (I see stripes even with my eyes closed these days). Here are a few pages of my experimentations and ideas from my journal, looking at taking abstract drapework and transforming it into a garment (or something … Continue reading

sunsilk fashion event

Hello chums! This post is about an upcoming fashion EVENT (oh la la) which is a little design competition sponsored by Sunsilk and Coles. The brief for the competition was to submit a design for an avant-garde womenswear piece using colour, texture and creativity and showcasing the stylised Sunsilk ‘s’ logo as part of a … Continue reading