the process

Over the past few weeks I have been in research mode, hunting and gathering all things shiny like a little bower bird hoarding a pile of treasure. You’ve seen some of the imagery I’ve been collecting in my previous posts, so today my post is about how I am going about compiling all this great … Continue reading

inspire: stripes are all around us

When first developing ideas for my final collection, I began by researching stripe and sourcing as many images of stripes of all varieties as I could find. I collected images of stripes in structural forms of architecture and the city, stripes in the natural world such as on sand dunes and animals like zebra and … Continue reading

for kids who fashion good and want to learn to do other stuff good too

Well, seeing as this is my first post and all, I think an introduction is probably in order… I am Rebecca, a fashion student and fashion lover (among other things) and this is my blog; a discussion of fashion, design, creation and other good stuff such as delicious brownies. My current fashion obsession is stripes. … Continue reading