designing in repeat

For the past couple of weeks at uni, we have had textiles workshops doing a little refresher course on how to put designs into repeat so they can easily be printed across a whole length of fabric. The premise is pretty simple really – you just have to make sure that top and bottom edges … Continue reading

sunsilk: thinking textiles

After a short break from sunsilk and uni work (huntin eggs, eatin eggs, getting sick from too many eggs) I am once more focussing on my tunic jumpsuit for the sunsilk fashion event. Tunic jumpsuit – it’s just such an awkward name, maybe it could be christened something else, such as Tunicsuit, or Jumptunic or … Continue reading

the jumpsuit tunic

This week, each of the finalists for the Sunsilk comp had to present a mock up of their look to a panel composed of UTS staff, who were to give feedback and advice on how to produce the best look possible. At this point, I had draped and toiled the jacket for my look, which … Continue reading